about us

BIKEBUS MADEIRA started in 2011 from the initiative of two friends, mountain lovers and riders of downhill, that wanted to provide the best experience to their friends.

As soon as the firs truck was boughted, it marked the beginning of the creation of a group of friends who still comes together and experience the best of what the mountain has to give us.

On these last years we've been connected to several local events concerning the promotion of mountain biking in the island, specially through local associations and support to the regional championship.

Over time we discovered the full potential of mountain biking and now we have the conditions for you to meet the wonderful tracks and trails that our island has to offer.

BIKEBUS MADEIRA is specialized in mountain biking excursions for amateurs and expert bikers. We also offer beginner programs for folks just getting started on the trails. Our certified guides will keep you safe and your adrenaline pumping.

Why choose Bike Bus Madeira

We have a young and dynamic team that wants to ensure the best for our customers. Every program leads the customer to the best trails and traditional places to live the best experiences. Our team is knowledgeable of the route due to our work in keeping the same clean and passable.


One of the greatest features of our trails is that no two are alike, usually having the possibility to cross the 4 seasons in one day and all days are good for cycling, because our season never ends! We have trails for any level of experience. Taking in account the information provided by the client we create the best route so the customers get the most out of his tour. We ride all year round.


We are open 7 days a week !
fell free to give us a call or drop us a word !


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